Have a look at Sérgio R. FSS table mods shown at his blog: Clearly a Marvel and Crime fan.  

Very Very... Cool Sérgio, Keep it up for sure, and like I already said I am floored (lifting lower jaw off the ground), I look forward to your sharing these at vpinball.com, look forward to it indeed.


  1. I'm already posting several of them on VPinball Nick, as I create more I will post photos on the blog and on VPinball ... if you want to improve the tables feel free ... I made a "rev.1" reference on each table to identify the next modification versions, and just like you, I kept the original version of the creator’s table to identify when it releases a new update version that we can also update the FSS version.

    I need to learn to put the other scripts that you put together.

    I took a look at the scripts of the last tables you set up and there are several things I need to learn to use, I believe it will improve the look of the tables even more.

  2. Hi Nick, I am very happy to see someone follow your teachings. I was testing some of their tables and they are really great!
    I wrote her a message of congratulations and to my surprise. He answered me in Spanish: -O !!
    Honestly I am very happy that there are new tables and maybe one day I can fulfill my desire to see "Champion Pub" at FSS.
    On the other hand, I am glad to know that you are well, the last thing I knew about you was an email that left me somewhat worried. Then in my work they loaded me with work and also some family matters, so I left the streams and the YouTube channel.
    I send a big hug to both of you.


    1. Very happy to hear from you TP.. Sorry to see your wonderful gameplay videos have come to a stop.. but reality is what it is. Just happy to hear from you. Take it easy and mostly be well.

    2. Hi Tute ... I am Brazilian but I studied for two years in Spain, so Spanish is my second language, I am not fluent but I love Spanish and Argentina too, where I have been working on several projects.

      Now I'm trying to understand Nick's 2.6 kit script, it is much more extensive than the 1.5 I was using, I still have about 10 tables in 1.5 in progress, but I'm already trying to adapt them to the 2.6 kit, but I'm having some difficulties and conflicts regarding some commands, but gradually I will resolve.

      About Champion Pub is already on my list for transformation into FSS, in fact it is already part of the ones that started in the 1.5 kit hehehe

      I want to start some EM and SS tables, I was focused on DMD, but I want to do some SS and EM as well.

      Best regards guys

  3. 3 new FSS tables mod created.... https://morttis1975.blogspot.com/2020/07/blog-post.html
    For me to create TX-Sector, I used the frame of Robo War... I believe it was very good ... see Nick ... Tute, for your joy, see the Champion Pub. Next I will post on VPinball.

  4. Nick, I need some help.

    I am in no way able to illuminate the scoring of tables that appear in the backglass (for example what you did in Cyclone) ... I am finishing Atlantis by Bally and in no way am I able to make the lighting appear in the backglass ... I've already created png from the "lit" slot, I've already checked the type of script you used at Cyclone to use the same type at Atlantis, it seems possible, because the type of script I used at Shark is the same as the one you used at Cyclone , so I believe it is also possible to use it at Atlantis, but when I create the flash the light goes on nothing happens ... I honestly don't know what else to do.

    Sorry, the translator's English may have been confused.

    Sorry to send the question here ... I'm adding you in vpinball now.

    1. It's up on our shared drive.. have a look at the latest fix.


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