Have a look at Sérgio R. FSS table mods shown at his blog: Clearly a Marvel and Crime fan.  

Very Very... Cool Sérgio, Keep it up for sure, and like I already said I am floored (lifting lower jaw off the ground), I look forward to your sharing these at vpinball.com, look forward to it indeed.


  1. I'm already posting several of them on VPinball Nick, as I create more I will post photos on the blog and on VPinball ... if you want to improve the tables feel free ... I made a "rev.1" reference on each table to identify the next modification versions, and just like you, I kept the original version of the creator’s table to identify when it releases a new update version that we can also update the FSS version.

    I need to learn to put the other scripts that you put together.

    I took a look at the scripts of the last tables you set up and there are several things I need to learn to use, I believe it will improve the look of the tables even more.

  2. Hi Nick, I am very happy to see someone follow your teachings. I was testing some of their tables and they are really great!
    I wrote her a message of congratulations and to my surprise. He answered me in Spanish: -O !!
    Honestly I am very happy that there are new tables and maybe one day I can fulfill my desire to see "Champion Pub" at FSS.
    On the other hand, I am glad to know that you are well, the last thing I knew about you was an email that left me somewhat worried. Then in my work they loaded me with work and also some family matters, so I left the streams and the YouTube channel.
    I send a big hug to both of you.


    1. Very happy to hear from you TP.. Sorry to see your wonderful gameplay videos have come to a stop.. but reality is what it is. Just happy to hear from you. Take it easy and mostly be well.


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