Genesis and Black Knight 2000 are both on the GDrive in the "FSS R2.6 VP10.6+ (2019-2020)" folder


  1. Tanks so much Nick... fantastic tables.
    Please try to do Mousin Around, Mystery Castle and please see if you can fix X-Files.
    Your work is fantastic, congratulations.

  2. Hello Nick...

    I'm following your guide on 8 videos hosted on Youtube ... I'm creating the Mystery Castle FSS, let's see how it will look, for the time being it looks very good.

  3. Note...

    I had never created a Visual Pinball tables before, so it is being difficult to follow some steps due to your speed in explaining the steps and my english is not good hehehe

  4. I have already finished the transformation FSS in 16 tables. Mostly I focused on Sterns from 2000 to 2016 that do not have backglass with programmed lighting, making it easier to create fantasy lighting to my liking.

    The tables are getting very good, they do not have the quality of the latest work done by you, but I am very happy with the results.

    Sorry if it was not very well explained, my English is a translator.


    1. sorry, but how do I post images in the comments here on the Blog? when I write comments I don't see this option.

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  6. Please delete the previous post

    I created a blog with photos of the tables that I transformed into FSS.

    Unfortunately I don't have a full hd or 4k monitor, so the photos are not very good, but you can see how they looked ... surely you would make them much better.

    The blog link is this:

    1. Beautiful work Sérgio, I am literally on my ass... Can I post a link to your blog on my main blog page?

      I hope one day you decide to share your work on ... maybe???

    2. Hi Nick

      You can certainly post the link to my blog. In fact, the Blog will be just for me to post as pictures of the tables I create.

      About sharing tables on VPinball, I will do that. I would just like to improve some things on some of them and then I will post there.

      Now I want to understand how to create an original Mystery Castle lighting to try to reproduce on the table I made.

      Thanks for praising my work, I had never messed with pinball visual editing, but with your guide it helped a lot.

      Best Regards

  7. The Nascar table I upgraded to the latest version (I like this theme) ... the Mystery Castle, Dirty Harry, Kingpin tables have animated backglass, but I'm still trying to figure out how to make this look like the original lighting ... the others Stern tables I created fantasy lighting because the originals are static.


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