G5k's The Flintstones modded to FSS.  I still have to obtain the OK to share this mod, I will do that some time soon. Here are some pics of the table in both Day & Night settings. I'm still not done tweaking this table, but it's essentially done.



  1. Woooooow maaaaaan!!!! it looks wonderful !!! I hope they give you permission soon .
    Meanwhile I keep praying for an FSS version of "Champion Pub" to arrive!

    1. Thanks TP.. As for Champion Pub, I did try modding this table in the past, never did finish it because I never was happy with my results. Tell you what, I will retry it again after I'm done the trio I'm working on and my launcher I'm working on too.

    2. A trio of tables? Just give me a hint. hahahahahahaha !! I find the idea of the launche super interesting. I use PinballX for your tables, but I'm not happy with how it looks.
      Champions Pub is not my favorite table (my favorite table is from all time is The Getaway II) but hampions Pub is fun (and also makes me angry) in equal parts. But above all I wait for it, because that table is a "Must Have" in every collection! I trust you Nick !! don't leave me without that table !!
      Greetings from Argentina


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