Good news and the bad, Good news is 46 tables are up on the drive that support VP 10.6 and FSS R2.6. The bad news is that at the moment my health issues are re-surging and this has halted progress until it subsides. 

A new directory structure has been implemented. You will see that the newest tables are now located in a directory named: `FSS R2.6 VP10.6+` and all previous tables have been archived in the archives directory.


  1. Thanks for the update. I'm sorry you have health issues.

  2. There are some portrait mode bezels here: in the Retroarch Folder

    1. Thanks for the feedback, I have come across this site, the portrait mode stuff is not quite what I am trying to achieve, I try as goal to keep the look and feel of the original game cab. The reality is that most if not all of these cabs were indeed upright(portrait) with a 3:4 or 4:3 CRT video. With a 4:3 aspect, you have to fill the footer and header with something, might as well be the original art, controls, and a bit of bezel / video frame to make it all seem more real.


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