Here are some images of the complete mixed Mame - VPinball Rig

Full View of Rig

Partial view of rear of Rig, sitting on sliding table, showing ports and
connectors into sound bar.

Complete view of interior of Rig, power on left, amplifier and usb hub center, audio output on right

Left of bottom side interior, power supplies, and voltage regulators.

Center of bottom side interior audio amplifier top of stack, and usb hub on lower part. 

Right of bottom side interior. More power managment, and the woofer, the HDD, and ARM 32 processor at the rear.
Full Top Interior
Left top interior
Right top interior


  1. This looks amazing. What size screen is that? 42/43?

    1. It's a 43" inch TV rotated to portrait, attached to a TV stand, and inclined about 20 degrees. The TV stand sits on the drawer mechanism, as does the game control box. The TV + Stand act as a counter balance when I slide out the game control box to play.

      For the size, this is a truly minimalist setup, minimal mixed wood, and metal frame and enclosures.

    2. Thanks for the information. What frontend do you use?

    3. I will be making my own front-end that will run on the small touch display on the soundbar.


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