Its been a long time coming! was really worried this new re-sized rig was going to fail also.. but it just passed the component clashing tests/reworking. Did not show anything until I was sure the clashing and acoustics all worked properly.

The unit is running with a 32bit ARM fanless processor with linux loaded. A touch enabled host application launcher (the 3″ inch display) manages / launches VP. Everything is internal to the RIG nothing sits on the client PC. A USB and audio cable are the only connections to the PC. Even power is provided by two internal independent power supplies, no wall warts present. All audio amplification and output is internal with the sound bar, and internal woofer.

Anyway I still have a lot of work to do on this , but  I should have the pinball part up and running very shortly.

On this day Friday the thirteenth,  I finally received my 3-way crossovers ordered a month ago. Essentially a 1st and 3rd order butterworth. Already installed them , and huge impact on output sound quality.

It's a far better experience for both MAME and VP than just PC + keyboard alone, the feedback from the audio components is great, a more full and rich semi authentic experience. For pinball you feel everything the ball hits, the rolling of the ball itself, and all the solenoids firing its really great.  And for MAME you don't only hear the sounds you feel them.


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