***************** IMPORTANT  MESSAGE ******************

Unless counter-indicated with [10.6] moniker, all tables run on last beta of VP 10.5.

All tables are in the process of being adjusted for lighting changes in VP 10.6+ this is a simple fix of adjusting 4 to 5 values in my day to night script. 

When this work is done, all tables will be posted in a directory of their own on the drive. 

***************** IMPORTANT MESSAGE ******************


  1. Hi Nick, how are you? Do you have a forecast when the VPX 10.6 revision tables will be ready?
    Thanks... Best regards

    1. Now that I have completed my FSS RIG, I will immediately begin working to update all playable tables. This work also has priority to any new tables releases.


    2. Very nice Nick .... please if you can set the table X-Files would be nice, the look of backbox with the playfield is superimposed ...
      for next tables I would find it cool to make a Mystery Castle, but unfortunately it hasn't been released for VPX yet.
      Aprenda a pronunciar
      Mistery Castle is a little known table, actually very rare, but I really like its look and sound ... Mousin Around is also a very nice table to play, maybe it could be a new FSS table.


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