FSS Rig WIP, pre-final work. Wired up all the leds, buttons (all wire management), swapped the amplifier (the last one failed during the last burn in) , switched out two boost converters.

Finished the gliding support frame, added the locking clamp hitches, and installed the insulating material.
Power demands have all been met, and everything works as expected.
Mame is almost all setup, and working.

TODO: Still need to wire up the vpinball buttons to zebs plunger mechanism. Modify two buttons to fit in a 1-1/2 inch length(buttons need 2 inches for switch, light and connectors),(already done).  
Some miscellaneous stuff , loose ends.
Then the programming stuff for the touch display (vplauncher, table/game selector). 

All wired up, and new amplifier.


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