70 new/updated R2.5 tables have been uploaded to a new repo and available to all. This was to simplify downloading of nearly 7Gig of data, and to also keep a backup of R2 tables.
If anyone wants access simply contact me, you already know my email, and I will add you to the list, this is simpler for you and for me. 

While I'm at it, just a reminder that I use Re-Shade , and all my tables are designed in consequence of its use. Also Day and Night should only be set between 1-9 , not between 0-10 , in other words don't set anything between 0-1, and 9-10.

Some tables are still being updated as I write this, South Park, Tri-Zone, Monster Bash, Star Trek TNG, and Centigrade 37, will be again updated within a week of this post. But I will post a message when they are updated.



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