World Poker Tour (Stern 2006) Authored by FreneticAmnesic, I finally modded this table right, took a long time to get this one right, and a new backglass also, and here is also AC-DC with CCX+PGI.

A huge update is coming, with PGI (Persistent General Illumination), FastFlips and the latest CXX code on all tables . This will include:
ACDC: PGI+FF+Shadows
World Poker Tour:  New Backglass and lighting, CCX+PGI+FF+Shadows
Star Wars DE: New Playfield, New lighting , CCX+PGI+FF+Shadows .
Family Guy: PGI+FF+Shadows.
The Simpsons Pinball party: PGI+FF+Shadows.
Star Trek LE, CCX+PGI+FF+Shadows.
Buck Rogers:PGI+FF+Shadows.
Roller Disco:PGI+FF+Shadows.
Fire!:New playfield, PGI+FF+Shadows.
Tee'd Off: PGI+FF+Shadows.
Pinball Pool: new Backglass PGI+FF+Shadows.
Batman Dark Knight: PGI+Shadows.
Mata Hari: new backglass,playfield, and lighting, PGI+FF+Shadows.
Theatre of Magic: New lighting, PGI+FF+Shadows.
The Walking Dead: PGI+FF+Shadows.
Spider-man, Spider-Man VE,PGI+Shadows (no FF support)
Safe Cracker: PGI+Shadows. (no FF support)
Bobby Orr's Power Play: PGI+FF+Shadows.
Panthera:  Backglass, New Playfield, PGI+FF+Shadows.


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